Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have an idea, that's all you need. Just let us know and we'll help you with building a plan and consult how we build your idea to a successful business and how we can help in the way.

We will be happy to analyse your requirements and give you a personalized quote on the budget, timeframe and any other suggestions that we have. Feel free to write us and we'll be happy to assist more.

We have a team of highly passionate and enthusiastic developers who are ready to take your business to next level from design and development to building a great product that your users will love.

We are happy to offer our customers something that makes them happy, so yes. We will be happy to give you free domain name if you chouse us as your development partner and we will always be there for your technical support.

Depending on the project nature and kind, we are happy to make the project payment in multiple steps or after completion of the project. We usually like the idea of 30% at the beginning of the project, 30% at the demo and remaining 40% after the project has been successfully completed.