Terms of Service

  • General
  • The main objective of our company is full satisfaction of our client. Therefore, these Terms of Service are based on a fair contractual relationship. Through using our products and services you accept these terms and conditions as they are and in full.

  • Prices
  • All our prices are in USD. In principle, the contract prices where no explicit prices have been fixed, the hourly rate of USD 20.00 applies.
    We express that we reserve the right to demand advance payments. We are liable to VAT.

  • Payment
  • Invoices must be paid within 15 days from the invoice generated date. The customer may object to the invoice in writing and justified during this time. If he fails to do so, invoices shall be deemed approved automatically. If the customer during this period does not pay the invoice nor provides a written reasoned objections raised against the provided invoice, we reserve the right to lock the services provided with immediate effect as a result of breach of contract by the customer.

  • Flow
  • After we have have finalized the full requirement for the website/application/services that needs to be developed/provided, we can then only confirm the final price offered and the work shall be started. After completing the work, the customer will receive link to the new product/service on our server. Customer have 2 weeks to the test and request changes in the delivered project. All changes or any additional work other than agreed in the original project requirement will be billed separately at USD 20.00 per hour rate.

  • Services
  • Digitalaya provides various design and development services at the prices offered in each case. The use of our services and the corresponding software is solely at your risk. We assume no liability for damages and we can not guarantee uninterrupted service and/or breach in transmitted data. Digitalaya is not responsible for the loss of data or damage in any way for the services we provide.

  • Privacy
  • We process personal data of customers in strict compliance with the applicable data protection law. All information is strictly confidential and not disclosed to third parties. You always have the right for free information, correction, blocking and deletion of your stored data.

  • Usage
  • The customer is not allowed to use our services for any illegal purpose as deemed by the law. Violations of this will result in the immediate suspension of our services and appropriate actions will be taken.

  • Termination
  • Any breach in contracts will result in termination of the ongoing work and progress. This applies for both parties.

  • Applicable law and jurisdiction
  • This contractual relationship is exclusively bound by laws in Nepal and any dispute will be handled thereforth by the laws applicable in Nepal.